Micro-Review #136: Women

by Charles Bukowski

First published in 1978, this biographical compilation of the author’s x-rated experiences with women has survived decades of accusations of misogyny and egocentrism. It strains our notions of coequality, but it’s also disarmingly honest, laugh-out-loud funny, and at times poetic. The book is a 300-page extrapolation of the line, “Love came hard and very seldom. When it did, it was usually for the wrong reasons.”

Also included: plenty of booze, poetry readings and coitus that once or twice borders on rape. Sensitive readers should look elsewhere to satisfy prurient curiosity. More poetic types will appreciate Buk’s phrase-making ability and his take on the absurdities of life in the 1970s (or the 2020s, for that matter). A dark fatalism underpins the entire enterprise.

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