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"Bodycheck will have your eyes moving over the pages faster than a Rocket Richard slaphshot. This is a rouser of a first--or any--novel."

              - New Mystery Reader Magazine


"In a strong debut . . . the multiplicity of suspects and encounters with various colorful antagonists out of Elmore Leonard will keep you turning the pages."

              - Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine


"Teeming with inch-perfect detail, Bodycheck pulses with energy equal to the best in the genre. Steven Owad is a talented writer who's here to stay."







"Plot twists and turns make it difficult to predict, and that keeps the narrative exciting until the final, satisfying resolution."



"… an exceptionally compelling novel."

              - Mysterious Reviews


"Brave the frigid air in Brother’s Keeper long enough to explore the noirish streets of Warsaw, Poland, and the windswept oilfields of northern Alberta."

              - Mystery Scene







“Menace pulses under the surface of Owad's third . . . full of compellingly unpredictable characters.”

              - Kirkus Reviews


“An intriguing, melancholy glimpse at the failure of capitalism following the failure of Communism.”

             - Harriet Klausner


“An exciting climax takes the reader on a wild journey.”

              - Gumshoe Review


“The reader will find himself on the edge of his chair awaiting a cathartic ending. Owad delivers very nicely.”

              - AmPol Eagle: the Voice of Polonia


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