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For Readers

The most popular online book-review sites:


New York Times Sunday Book Review Books Section


January Magazine


Kirkus Book Reviews





Stage and Screen


Simply Scripts Thousands of feature-film and TV scripts available online for free


Samuel French The best place to find and buy stage scripts


For Writers

Preditors & Editors A comprehensive "guide to publishers and writing services for serious writers."

The Association of Author's Representatives The best place to start an agent search. Take note of the AAR's Canon of Ethics.

Publishers Weekly The so-called Bible of the publishing industry. News, features, reviews and interviews.

Publishing Information, Advice and Warning A site worth visiting before committing to a deal with a subsidy publisher.

The Chicago Manual of Style The style guide used by most U.S. publishers and book editors. You have to register to search the manual online.

Guide to Grammar and Writing A user-friendly site that answers questions about punctuation, grammar and style,

         Just for Fun

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The Best Movies of All Time


The Most Overrated Books of All Time

The Worst Opening Lines to Novels

The 50 Worst Movies Ever





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