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Somebody wants Behn McAvoy dead. Behn is sure of this because he has just had to drown an assailant in his favourite fishing hole. But who would want to kill an ageing minor-league hockey player in Nowhere, Alberta?


Finding out who's calling the shots would be easier to do if only the shots would stop coming.



Brother’s Keeper

For Vince Maguire, life as an expat journalist in Warsaw is an easy glide—until the dark world of his estranged brother intrudes.


Teddy's in trouble, but is he victim or villain? Is he even alive? The answers are in the frozen oilfields of northern Alberta—a new wild west where the normal rules of behavior don’t apply.


In the end, who really needs to be saved, the seeker or the sought?




Hard Currency (now available)


Warsaw, 1992. Three years have passed since the end of communism. For former democracy crusader Julian Krol, there are no dragons left to slay—but new evils are taking root.


Julian's estranged sister Krystyna has been killed, and the police have ruled the death a suicide. Julian explores Krystyna’s recent past and runs up against the dark side of the new world order: a mushrooming drug trade, a feckless police force, rampant corruption. Poland might now be free, but for many communists-turned-capitalists, it's a free-for-all.






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