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"In a strong debut . . . the multiplicity of suspects and encounters with various colorful antagonists out of Elmore Leonard will keep you turning the pages."


Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine      

"Brave the frigid air in Brother’s Keeper long enough to explore the noirish streets of Warsaw, Poland, and the windswept oilfields of northern Alberta."


Mystery Scene


Hard Currency (now available)


Warsaw, 1992. What happens when the regime you have been fighting your whole life is suddenly gone – replaced by something possibly worse? Anything goes in the newly free Poland, and the victims of crime and corruption are legion.


For ex-democracy crusader Julian Krol, the free-market jungle is as cruel as the worst days of the past. And he has to confront its darkest elements if he wants to find out who killed his sister.


Five Star First Edition Mystery       See the Trailer on YouTube

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“Menace pulses under the surface of Owad's third . . . full of compellingly unpredictable characters.”    - Kirkus Reviews